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FF2000 Manufacturers 

1975 MP16

1976 MP18

1977 MP20

1979 MP21

Dulon logo.jpg

Dulons were produced by Maxperenco (from MAX-imum PER-formance Engineering CO-mponents) in Didcot. The word Dulon is derived from the names of the two founders, Andrew Duncan (the DU of Dulon) and Bill Longley (the LON). Here's a 1972 MotorSport article about Maxperenco


Maxperenco workshop


Ken Hensley with his Dulon team. 


The MP16-20 Dulons were very similar in appearance. This is Ian Taylor in a Ken Hensley Racing MP20. Photo copyright Alan Cox.


Dulons were very competitive in the early years of FF2000. This is Len Brammer’s MP16 at the Mallory Park hairpin in 1976. Photo copyright Ferret Fotographics.


The MP21 of Historic FF2000 racer David Clark shows how different it was compared with the models preceding it.

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